Aloha got another couple of prints going on this week on the mixed media tip. Mainly collaging again this time using old photocopies and cut outs feeding them through some filters etc, with a view to getting them turned into silkscreens hopefully in the next couple of weeks.


On the gallery front managed to catch one of the last few days of the Jaybo show at Stolen space,which turned out to be a cracker, been a while since I’ve seen tar used with spray and acrylics. Anyway sorry to say no photos of that one as I think the show closed on the 28th of March. Richard Hamilton is still going on though at the Serpentine in Kensington Gardens until the 25th of April . The godfather of british pop art seems to still be going strong with a collection of  paintings and installations concentrating mainly on the war in the gulf, with a few sixties classics and re-workings thrown in as well.




Been a busy couple of weeks cutting and pasting and generally going through archive material of old paintings, logos, images etc. Managed to pull out three prints from the wreckage based on some old sketchbook drawings and some recent photoshop experiments. Check out below or head over to the print page for the latest.

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