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Visualisation, 3d modelling & Concept

We offer a comprehensive visualisation service focusing on CGI and design. Working directly from drawings & sketches we create 3D digital models & environments covering, architectural renders, interiors, spacial layouts and product. We cover all aspects of the design process, all the way through from the initial concept stages to the final presentation & output.

It all begins here

With the drawings –

  • From here outlines & rough extrusions are created, forming the basis wireframe model.
  • Piece by piece the model is created following the guidelines of the drawing.

Lighting & Rendering

After all of the basic building blocks are created –

  • Materials & textures are added to the model.
  • Extra elements are added such as furniture, fixtures & fittings, textiles & wallpaper to make up bathroom, bedrooms & lounge areas.
  • Lighting rigs – interior or exterior, hard or soft lighting is then added to suit the scene.
  • Camera types are chosen to frame the final output.

Output & Retouching

  • Retouching is employed to add the final sharpening, colour calibration & adjustment tweaks.

  • Working to follow the light sources & perspective elements of the scene.

  • Extra photographic elements are merged together in the compositing process in preparation for the final artwork.


  • Again working from drawings, the model is created from the dimensions provided to make the original wireframe. Recent projects include the modelling of household products / POS fixtures & fittings / lighting units /environments & autos for games & apps.


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